Healthy, Happy, and 100 Years Old

March 8, 2013

Picture yourself hiking to your neighbor’s house, where you’ll meet to have lunch: a spread of homegrown olives, freshly made hummus, and a thick loaf of warm bread – all slathered in just pressed olive oil.  You arrive at who knows what time (because nobody watches the clock here), bearing homemade wine and honey from […]

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Sexercise: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

February 15, 2013

Bed boogie, knock boots, shagging, rumpy pumpy, horizontal tango, whoopee, hanky panky, boink, roll in the hay, boom boom, home run – you know what I’m referring to.  Even though Valentine’s Day is over, I’m sure we all still have a burning desire in our hearts for a little love and lust – but for […]

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