What are Probiotics? (An Ode to the Microbiome)

March 11, 2013

You’ve probably seen commercials with Jamie Lee Curtis extolling the virtues of some yogurt or another, obliquely referencing the joys of regular bowel movements – often the phrase “balance” is thrown around. (If you haven’t, then just accept that such commercials exist.) But it is never entirely clear what’s being “balanced,” nor is it evident […]

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Right now, there may be poop on your cell phone (and oh so much more).

October 2, 2012

The dangers of cell phone distractions while driving are widely publicized, but could your mobile device be a health hazard in other ways? BREAKING NEWS — Your mobile phone may have poop on it. Yes, that’s right. That little gadget that makes you feel naked if you leave the house without it, could be harvesting […]

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Oh the Possibilities: New Antibiotics Are Just Around the Corner

March 6, 2012

Ever heard of the antibiotics Bactrim or Erythromycin? Unless you’re allergic to them, chances are you’ve taken one of these Sulfa drugs in the past.  In recent years though, these drugs have been used less and less often.  Why?  Antibiotic resistance.  Many infection-causing microorganisms have become resistant to drugs of the Sulfa family, eliminating an […]

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