Sourcing Images

IMPORTANT – Internet images are not by default public property! Most images on the internet may not be reused in posts without permission.  The unauthorized use of images may result in a rather forceful demand to remove them immediately, or the threat of legal action.

As a result, sourcing images can be tricky. However, there are a number of good resources for finding images that are useable (see below).  In addition, here’s an excellent article by PF Anderson on image sourcing and use.

Remember: Image sources should be acknowledged – more information on this here.

Note: One thing to look for is images that are posted under a Creative Commons license – within the limitations of the specific license agreement, these images are generally useable.

Sources of free images.  Important: please ensure all images are appropriately acknowledge in posts.

Wikimedia Commons

A comprehensive source of public domain images.  Please note terms of use on specific images


Free images – check the conditions of use though


Collection of Creative Commons images