Resizing Images

Resizing images in WordPress is a real pain – which is why it’s always good to get the size right before inserting them.

However, if you do want to resize, this how to do it:

1.  in the Visual tab of the editor, click the image edit icon:

Image edit 1


From here, select the Advanced Settings tab:

Image edit 2


From here, you can adjust the width and the height of the image.  BUT… ADJUSTING THESE SEPARATELY ALTERS THE ASPECT RATIO OF THE IMAGE.

If you don’t want a disaster like this, read on:

Image edit 3


To retain the aspect ratio of the image, you need to adjust the width and height proportionately.

Step 1:  Make a note of old_width and old_height.  In the example above, old_width is 680 pixels and old_height is 459 pixels

Step 2:  Decide what you want new_width to be (let’s say, 400 pixels in this example)

Step 3:  Calculate new_height, using new_height = (old_height*new_width/old_width)

In the case above, if old_width is 680 pixels, old_height is 459 pixels and new_width is 400 pixels,

new_height = (459*400/680) = 270 pixels

And here you are:

Image edit 5