Mind The Science Gap depends on people like you to provide candid feedback to the students participating. If you are willing to check the Mind The Science Gap blog on a regular basis and comment on the students posts, please consider subscribing to the blog so that you get regular email updates (see panel to the right ->).

We are looking for people from all backgrounds to help us out. All you need is an interest in issues and research that impact on health, and  passion for helping people learn to communicate better.  We’re also looking for advocates who will spread the word to others – through Facebook, Twitter, their own blogs, in fact any way they can get people’s attention!

I’ve been asked a lot what sort of feedback we look for from mentors in the comments section of posts.  These are some of the things that are most helpful:

  • Encouragement – if you enjoyed a post or found out something new from it – please tell our students
  • Clarity – if you didn’t understand something one of the students wrote, please ask them to explain.  Remember, they are writing for a really broad group of people, so there is no shame in asking the most basic question – in fact, basic questions are incredibly helpful.
  • Accuracy – if there is something in a post you disagree with in a post – please let our students know.  But please do this constructively
  • Style – any tips or feedback on how blog posts look and read, and how effective they are at communicating a subject, are extremely valuable.

Although the students appreciate encouragement by the way, they are more interested in critical feedback – as long as it is in line with the blog’s commenting guidelines!

Thank you!

Andrew Maynard, Course Instructor