FALL 2013

Jess Alper
I’m this close to completing my Master’s in Public Health/Master’s in Social Work Management dual degree program and JCLP fellowship at the University of Michigan. Prior to graduate school I spent several years managing patient care programs for the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I also worked as a post-abortion counselor and Jewish educator, developing courses such as The Oy of Sex and Beyond Pink and Blue. When I’m not pursuing my interests in reproductive health and behavioral health psychology, I can often be found rock climbing, cycling, or practicing the harmonica.  Read her posts here –>

Neha Arora
I am a second year MPH student in Health Behavior and Health Education, interested in mental health, substance abuse disorders in youth, HIV/Aids, nutrition and obesity, and reproductive health. In future I would like to work in the public health department, helping people alleviate their mental health issues, urging them to live a positive and healthy life. I am excited to be a part of this course as this is one platform majorly unexplored in developing countries and this would be one skill to empower people with on a global dais. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, watching movies, listening to music and traveling!  Read her posts here –>

Kevin Boehnke
I am a second-year PhD student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences. My current research focuses on potable water quality in Lima, Peru and the transmission of Helicobacter pylori, a commensal gut bacteria that is thought to be responsible for much of the world’s burden of peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. I am interested in the intersection between science and policy, especially as it relates to water and food. In my free time I enjoy camping, yoga, reading, and working in my cooperative vegetable garden with friends.  Read his posts here –>

Brittany Bostic
Hello! I am a second year MPH student studying Health Behavior and Health Education. My career interest grow everyday, but I am mainly interested in minority women’s health and patient-provider care in a clinical setting. I am also a pre-medical student and I plan on becoming a public health professional and physician that meets the needs of under-served women by providing excellent care while working to alleviate biases in the way health care is delivered in Detroit and the surrounding areas. In my free time I enjoy cooking, watching awesome movies, reading, praying, and being with my family.  Read her posts here –>

Kaitlyn Hanisko
Hi! I am currently finishing up my MPH in the Health Behavior Health Education department. My public health interests are mental health and substance abuse disorders in the youth population mostly. My future career goals are to be working in the public health field helping people towards achieving their most optimal health by taking a holistic approach to wellness, making sure that they are not only physically well but emotionally, socially, environmentally and spiritually well, too. In my free time I enjoy reading leisurely, running as a form of exploration, and hanging out with friends and family.  Read her posts here –>

Mina Raj
Hello! I am a first year MPH student in the Health Behavior and Health Education department. I am interested in studying physical activity and nutrition as they relate to chronic disease prevention and management. I am particularly interested in the factors that motivate individuals to engage in healthy lifestyle habits, and factors that may challenge individuals from engaging in these healthy behaviors and attitudes. I am excited to explore the intersection of language, emotion, and health behavior through this blog. In my free time, I enjoy running, eating, reading, and going on adventures with friends and family.  Read her posts here –>

Emma Steppe
I am a second-year MPH student in the Health Behavior and Health Education department. I first realized my love for public health when I found myself explaining the complex workings of the human body from my exercise physiology classes to my friends, family, and anyone else who would listen. I am interested in health communication, organizational health (especially in schools and workplaces), and the power of physical activity to prevent, manage, and heal a wide range of health problems. Running is one of my greatest passions, and has served as my biggest stress reliever throughout my demanding (but exciting!) masters career.  Read her posts here –>

Myra Tetteh
Hello all! I currently work as the a Project Coordinator for the Community Outreach and Education Core (COEC) of the Environmental Health Science Lifestage Exposure and Adult Disease (EHS LEAD) Center at the University of Michigan.  I am a proud native and resident of the great city of Detroit!  I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Sociology, as well as a Master of Public Policy.  In the future, I hope have a PhD in Health Behavior Health Education and/or Urban Planning.  In my free time I love watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and all other things Trek, reading, cooking, baking, and hanging out at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Read her posts here ->>

Liz Vickers
I am a second year Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology student. Currently, I am involved in identifying upper respiratory viruses in the University’s influenza surveillance laboratory. After graduation, I would love to continue a career in research with a focus on virology, or to start a career in hospital infection control. I am passionate about translating the more technical aspects of the lab sciences to a general audience, especially when it relates to the latest news. Outside of the lab and classroom, I enjoy yoga, painting, and video games.  Read her posts here –>


Beth Cotter
I am a first-year MPH student studying human nutrition/dietetics in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences. My academic interests include women’s health, nutrition education, chronic disease prevention and wellness. Someday I hope to make a career by helping people achieve better health by promoting, implementing and inspiring personal connections to preventative health and wellness. In my free time I can be found jogging (slowly), singing (whenever I get a chance), crafting or watching the food channel!  Read her posts here –>

David Faulkner
I am a second-year Environmental Health Sciences student specializing in Toxicology. My academic interests include (but are not limited to!) computational toxicology, heavy metals toxicology, pathology, developmental biology, and science education. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy running, Ultimate frisbee, soccer, stand-up comedy, and all things internet. One day I hope to marry my passions of teaching and internet tomfoolery to harness the power of social media as an instrument of science education.  Read his posts here –>

Allyson Green
As a second-year dual MS student in Environmental Health at SPH and Environmental Justice at the School of Natural Resources and Environment, I’m interested in the intersection of human and environmental well-being. I’m currently working with a group of students to start a Sustainable Food Program and campus farm at U of M, but I’ve also done water quality outreach and environmental education in the past and would love to work with communities on any range of environmental health issues in the future. When I’m not out digging in the dirt or doing homework these days, I can be found baking, playing cribbage, or wandering in the woods.  Read her posts here –>

Mary Hall
I am a second year MPH student studying environmental quality and health, risk communication, and nutrition. My primary interest is in environmentally sustainable food systems; specifically, local food systems that support rural economies while increasing urban access to fresh food. Outside of class, I am working with a group of local farmers and food advocates to expand access to sustainably produced food. Prior to graduate school, I enjoyed a career as a senior technical writer at a consulting firm that specialized in environmental, health, and safety issues.  Read her posts here –>

Haifa Haroon
Hello! I am currently finishing my MPH in Environmental Health Sciences. I am interested in several areas of public health, specifically health communication, infectious diseases as well water sanitation in developing areas. Outside of class, I am a research assistant at the Center for Managing Chronic disease and can be found playing weboggle or watching The Colbert Report.  Read her posts here –>

Paige Kyle
I am a first year MPH student studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Before coming to Michigan, I was studying exercise science and working in a physical activity lab where I discovered my passion for public health. I am interested in everything about food and exercise, especially how the two coexist in our complex society. When I am not in class or studying, you can find me biking around on my 1970’s Schwinn cruiser, personal training, or teaching fitness classes in town. Some of my favorite weekend activities include long runs, scoping out local produce at the Kerrytown farmer’s market, and enjoying a glass of red wine or micro-brew with friends.  Read her posts here –>

Ann Lokuta
I am a first-year MPH student studying Human Nutrition & Dietetics. I am full-heartedly in love with food and healthy living. Yes, that means I love vegetables and exercise – but I am also human – which means I occasionally enjoy a day off and a sweet treat. That being said, I am interested in using creative writing to get the good word about good food out there to as many people as possible. I hope to have a career in establishing food policies that make healthy choices easy and accessible for the hungry public.  Read her posts here –>

Katie Muir
I am a second-year MPH student studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics in the Environmental Health Sciences Department. I am particularly interested in how small lifestyle choices affecting diet, physical activity, and mental health combine to play a key role in health and well being. When I’m not at school I’m usually doing yoga, swimming, and spending time exploring the great outdoors.  Read her posts here ->>

Lola Rosewig
I am a second year MPH student studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics. A wide range of health and nutrition topics interest me, from the molecular level to the sociological. In my free time, I volunteer at a local family shelter and look for new ways to get my four-year-old son to eat broccoli.  Read her posts here ->>

Danielle Taubman
I am a second year master’s student in the Health Behavior and Health Education department. I am interested in communication regarding health promotion and modifiable health behaviors. This year I am the student intern in the SPH Office of Marketing and Communications. It has been incredible to get hands-on experience in the communications field both inside and outside of a public health context. I have that darn travel bug and delight in the idea of exploring as many new places as possible throughout my life. I am a lover of good books, good food, good runs, and most of all, good people.  Read her posts here –>

Alexandra Turner
I am a second year MPH student in Health Behavior and Health Education, interested in sexual health and wellness, physical activity, and health communication strategies. There is rarely a day when I’m not at the gym or doing something physical. I guess I’m addicted to endorphins. In addition to being a student, I teach group fitness classes and spinning. In my spare time I enjoy playing volleyball, watching movies, baking and eating my latest creations.  Read her posts here –>

FALL 2012

Hillary Craddock
I am a second year MPH student studying Epidemiology. My primary interests are zoonotic, emerging, and vector-borne infectious diseases, disaster preparedness and response, and public health practice. Outside of class, I work in research and volunteer with the Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST).  Read her posts here –>

Ashley Cummings
I am a second-year MPH student in Health Behavior and Health Education, interested in childhood obesity and chronic disease prevention. I love circuit training and leading a healthy life. After running my first marathon this summer, I have solidified that I would like a career guiding others through the process of attaining their highest quality of life, and demonstrating that physical activity and eating nutritious foods can be fun.  Read her posts here –>

Sheela Doraiswamy
I am a first year Health Behavior and Health Education MPH student. Before coming to U Michigan, I worked at a physical therapy and wellness center. This previous experience has given me an interest in subjects such as health communications, exercise, obesity, and injury prevention, among numerous other health topics. In my spare time, I love to watch and review movies, as well as listen to The Beatles on an endless loop.  Read her posts here –>

Shara Evans
I am a second-year Epidemiology MPH Student here at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. When I graduate this April I also hope to have earned certificates in Risk Science and Human Health and Public Health Genetics. If i’m lucky, I will also be moving on to a Ph.D Program. Alternatively, I am also interested in possibly pursuing a career in Science Communications, but I haven’t made any decisions yet! My health interests in are primarily in the areas of Disaster Management and Epidemiology, Maternal and Fetal Medicine, and Genetics. When not studying (in those few rare moments), i spend far too much time reading, playing with my two dogs, reading up on politics, or playing the occasional video game.  Read her posts here –>

Michael Grisafe
I’m a first year MPH student in the Health Behavior and Health Education department. Prior to coming to graduate school, I worked as a freelance writer and researcher in California and New York. I’m interested in using multimedia and information technology to connect people with affordable health care services, preventative care resources, and quality health information. A Southern California native, I’m an avid reader, short story writer, and urban adventurer.  Read his posts here –>

Gillian Mayman
In my first career, I was a medical librarian at Yale University and a public health librarian at the University of Michigan. In my second career, I am the Online Communications Coordinator at the Center for Managing Chronic Disease. In my free time, I’m an MPH student in Health Behavior and Health Education.  Read her posts here –>

Lindsay Miller
I am a first year MPH student in the department of Health Behavior and Health Education. I am particularly interested in health literacy, health communication, and health promotion, but I love learning about all things public health. In my spare time, I enjoy relaxing at the beach, dancing, and eating dark chocolate (for those antioxidants, of course)!  Read her posts here –>

Ezinne Ndukwe
Hello! I’m a second year Health Behavior and Health Education student with a wide range of interests, but a particular focus in patient education and health disparities. I love reading, traveling, music, and watching endless crime drama marathons on TNT.  Read her posts here ->>

Alison Schumacher
I am a second year MPH student studying Health Behavior and Health Education. Although broadly focused in health communication, my specific health interests include obesity, chronic disease, and nutrition. I can’t get enough of any activity that gets my heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. My favorites include soccer, running, hiking, and field hockey. Don’t be fooled though, despite my obsession with anything active, I am just as content in the kitchen baking (and eating) cookies, pies, and sweets.  Read her posts here ->>

Kari Wolozyk
I am a first-year Health Behavior and Health Education MPH student, interested in food sustainability and food security. Specifically, I want to focus my efforts on the multi-level dilemmas of a food system to promote access and affordability to healthy and fresh foods. I am a ‘food connoisseur’, intrigued by all things food from policy to cooking, to consumption. I hope to one day publish a vegan cookbook using all my Frankenstein-like masterpieces; I am an ‘edgy veg’.  Read her posts here –>


Ashley Alexander
I am a first-year Health Behavior and Health Education MPH student, and I am interested in many topics related to public health, but particularly in health communications. I am also a part-time bartender and a full-time cuddler with my Newfoundland dog, Moose. Read her posts here –>

Pamela Barclay
I am a dual degree student in the School of Public Health and School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan. My academic interests include emergency response, emerging technologies, and infrastructure development. I spend my free time volunteering with a high school robotics team and training for 1/2 marathons! Read her posts here –>

Colleen Davis
I am a second-year Human Nutrition and Dietetics MPH student interested in a wide range of public health topics, from clinical dietetics to food policy to employee wellness programs. Read her posts here –>

Alysia Drummond
I am a second year MPH student studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics. My professional interests are the connection of nutrition to the field of medicine, specifically chronic diseases. In my free time I enjoy cooking, running, reading, and supporting the arts. Read her posts here –>

Drew Heyding
I’m an MPH student in epidemiology. My background is in clinical medicine. I did all of my training in New York City and practiced internal medicine at Harlem Hospital before coming to the University of Michigan for additional training in preventive medicine. I moved to Ann Arbor with my family last summer. After years of walking or taking the subway, maybe I’ll eventually get used to driving a car. I have two young children and hope to be able to share the perspective of a parent who is also a physician in public health. Read his posts here –>

Seema Jolly
I am a 2nd year Master’s of Public Health student in Environmental Health Sciences – Human Nutrition. My broad public health interests are in program implementation at the community level, and I am specifically interested in sustainable food systems and issues of food and environmental justice. I like all things food (growing it, cooking it, eating it), spending time outdoors, and impromptu dance parties. Read her posts here –>

Joseph Martin
I am a second year MPH student in Environmental Quality and Health, and after graduation from this program, I will pursue a Ph.D. in soil science. My interests lie in soil science and chemistry, human health and how they interact, especially in regards to agricultural practice and productivity. Read his posts here –>

Marisa Mead
I am a first year MPH student in the department of Environmental Health Sciences studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I enjoy food, science and community health, and I plan on combining these three interests in my future career. In my spare time, I throw and chase around a little piece of plastic as a member of the University of Michigan’s women’s club Ultimate Frisbee team. Read her posts here ->>

Suzanne Ogawa
Originally from Troy, Michigan, I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2005 for my undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan. I graduated with a B.A. in Political Science in 2009. I am currently in my second year at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in the Health Management and Policy department and will graduate in April 2012 with a Master in Health Services Administration. In June I will be moving to Grand Rapids to start an Administrative Fellowship with a regional health system.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, running and fiber arts. Read her posts here ->>

Candace Rowell
I am currently finishing my MPH in Environmental Health Sciences. I’m a chemist by training and a traveler by choice. Public health allows me to combine the science with the people. I’m interested in the broad relationship between environmental quality and human health. I have special interests in international health,specifically in program development and evaluation in developing countries. I also enjoy long walks on the beach and Celine Dion power ballads. Read her posts here –>