Gillian Mayman

100 years of modern culture vs. good sleep habits

November 26, 2012

When my kids are too hyper, I blame it on lack of sleep.  When they’re too crabby, I blame it on lack of sleep. When they eat poorly, procrastinate on homework, fight with their brothers, and myriad other annoyances, I always fall back on blaming it on the fact that they went to bed too […]

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Mommy, where do baby turkeys come from?

November 19, 2012

In Ye Olde Times Once upon a time in America, all turkeys were capable of having sex. A male turkey would enlist one of his brothers to act as his wingman, visit a flock of female turkeys, show off his tail feathers, and proceed to engage in a polyamorous relationship with the female turkeys. Cloacas […]

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The unexpectedly protective qualities of ear wax

November 12, 2012

Small children are excellent at two things: producing excessive quantities of ear wax and getting ear infections. My kids, in particular, excelled in both of these areas. As a parent, I’ve always assumed that having a lot of ear wax somehow caused, or at least exacerbated, ear infections in children. I’d never considered the possible […]

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How to stop hiccups. Is there any evidence at all?

November 5, 2012

If you spend enough time at my home, you will eventually hear a kid shriek, “Sugar!” and run into the kitchen to eat a spoonful of granulated sugar. This is not a sign of addiction. It just means that they have the hiccups and our favorite home remedy is to eat a spoonful of sugar […]

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Does being cold give you a cold?

October 29, 2012

An illustrated guide to parenting with science. The fall and spring seasons always create contentious relationships between my kids and their teachers. The problem is that the teachers insist that my kids wear coats when they go outside, even if they enjoy the chill in the air. The teachers think that being cold means getting […]

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The mysterious origins of the “8 glasses of water a day” rule

October 22, 2012

An illustrated guide to parenting with science. My ten year old is a world champion picky eater. His diet is basically limited to frozen waffles, pizza, and cereal with milk. This made it especially panic-inducing concerning when he came home from school last week complaining that he had to drink water. Did he not like […]

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Will Eating a Jar of Gummy Vitamins Kill My 4 Year Old?

October 15, 2012

An illustrated guide to parenting with science. My youngest son LOVES gummy vitamins. When he was four, I tried hard to convince him that they weren’t candy. I was not successful. After discovering a half empty jar and seeing the guilty look on his face, I knew what had happened. A quick, slightly panicked call […]

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My kids are geeks and their future health depends on it

October 8, 2012

An illustrated guide to parenting with science. All three of my boys are self-proclaimed math geeks and I’m pretty pleased with that. Not because it will help them with their future career goals (as a sculptor, a Lego artist, and a flutist) but because it means that they might have a better chance of being […]

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Why aren’t my kids hyper after binging on sugar?

October 1, 2012

An illustrated guide to parenting with science. I refuse to buy cookies, candy, and other sugary treats at the grocery store. This isn’t because I insist on perfect nutrition for my children. It’s because if I buy anything like that, my kids will consume it all within an hour of it arriving in our kitchen. […]

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“Mommy, why do I need to wash my hands if I only pee?”

September 24, 2012

An illustrated guide to parenting with science. I have three boys. Two are generally filthy and one is very clean. The filthy ones rarely wash their hands after using the bathroom at home, if all they do is pee. One of the lessons that they’ve learned from watching wilderness survival shows on TV (e.g., Man […]

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