Ready to Play: Does Concussion Testing Work?

April 12, 2013

For some reason my high school had gym class electives. I decided that it would be a great idea for me to learn how to rock climb. In New Jersey rock climbing is actually climbing up planks of wood with rock wall holds drilled into them. It’s nothing like a real rock gym. Anyway, after I […]

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Good Vibrations: The Increasing Prevalence and Acceptability of Vibrators

April 5, 2013

Thank you David for paving the way for me this week and talking about masturbation. I’d like to follow suit and discuss one of the many tools used for masturbation, vibrators. In case you are wondering. Why is this girl blogging about vibrators?  Prior to attending the school of public health I worked in research […]

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What’s the Connection? Breast Cancer and Heart Disease

March 29, 2013

I started my journey in public health as an intern for Susan G. Komen for the Cure in Washington D.C.  During a 5k walk event on the National Mall; we lobbied for signatures ensuring that women would receive mammograms by age 40.  Many signed without even reading our sheet. I remember one woman, she practically […]

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I’m New Here: A Look at Kickboxing Safety

March 22, 2013

I tried my first kickboxing class this week.  After class, I took my gloves off and saw that my knuckles were bruised. Ouch. So I decided to investigate. There’s a lot of research out there on the health benefits of kickboxing, but what about the risks? Do people get injured a lot? And if so, […]

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Lucky You

March 15, 2013

We’ve all heard the expression “He was born lucky” But is it true? Good fortune (luck) is desirable. We even do things to protect our luck like tapping on wood or carrying a rabbit’s foot on our key ring. There are two common viewpoints of luck. First, luck is unstable and external. Therefore, luck is […]

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What’s wrong with being quiet?

March 8, 2013

I like the quiet.  Right now it is especially quiet because all of the college kids have gone off someplace warm for drinking and merriment during spring break.  This excessive noise or noise pollution can cause aggression, hypertension, high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss and sleep disturbances. One small way to reduce the noise is with […]

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Your Supermarket is like a Volcano

March 1, 2013

What? Last year my classmates and I were instructed to brainstorm messages that would help people eat healthier. My personal favorite was “your supermarket is like a volcano.” Almost a year later, it stuck. Every time I’m at the supermarket, the comparison to a volcano cues me to stick to the outskirts of the store. […]

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Mama Said Make You Sweat

February 22, 2013

  Sweat. It’s wet, sticky, smelly, and let’s face it sometimes it’s just plain gross. All of us do it, whether we’d like it or not. We sweat during a long run or even during a zumba class. That’s when we expect to sweat. Other times we sweat when we’re nervous. Like before a big […]

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Galentine’s Day…Good For Your Health?

February 15, 2013

I know our posts this week are supposed to have a Valentine’s Day theme, but I wanted to talk about my other favorite February holiday, Galentine’s Day, and how our friendships are related to our health. What’s Galentine’s Day you ask? Oh, only the best holiday ever. Galentine’s Day is a celebration of ladies and […]

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Rethinking Exercise

February 8, 2013

Now that we’re a little more than a month into the New Year, we’re at the point where people start to back out on their New Years resolutions. I don’t know about you but my television and Internet seem to be on repeat for Weight Watchers, workout systems and online dating sites. Look you can […]

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