Ali Schumacher

Double-Dipping: A Proven Party Foul

November 28, 2012

With the holiday season kicking off, the time has come to begin penciling in the holiday parties, potlucks, and get-togethers.  Time to pull the ugly holiday sweater out of storage and start to perfect your favorite party recipes.  However, while mingling through the festive atmosphere enjoying the holiday snacks, it may be beneficial to pay […]

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What’s a good way to stay healthy this holiday? Saying “thank you” to the ones you love does more than you think

November 21, 2012

On Thanksgiving, it’s easy to get distracted by the tantalizing aromas pouring out of the kitchen… the turkey, the stuffing, the pumpkin pie, it’s almost too much to handle.  Add that to a few glasses of wine and some football and we may be left missing an important part of the holiday (it is what […]

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Have your soda and lose weight too?: A new Pepsi product in Japan claims to do just that.

November 14, 2012

The message has been hammered into our brains time and time again– don’t drink soda, it’s bad for your health, it will rot your teeth, it will make you gain weight.  Well, recently PepsiCo responded to the final accusation by releasing a product that allegedly helps soda-drinkers shed pounds.  The new product is called Pepsi […]

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Siri, do I have a concussion? How a new mobile app can help streamline concussion recovery

November 7, 2012

Contact sports and sports-related injury have always been contentious topics of conversation.  Of particular interest lately, is the threat of concussions.  Parents and coaches often struggle to identify when an athlete is undergoing a concussion and often face the risk of having the athlete return to play prematurely and potentially injure themselves even more.  In […]

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Nasal irrigation for nasal irritation: evidence for the effectiveness of neti pots

October 31, 2012

Imagine: you feel awwwful.  Your nose is stuffed.  Your head hurts.  Your sinuses ache.  The ibuprofen you took does not seem to be doing anything, and try as you may, each kleenex you blow into comes away disappointingly empty.  All you want is relief.  Although streaming water up your nose may not be the first […]

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Organic Foods: are we getting what we pay for?

October 24, 2012

Since 1997, sales of organic food in the United States have increased from $3.6 to $26.7 billion.  It’s not surprising as  “going organic” has become somewhat fashionable, not to mention that purchasing organic food sold in stores like WholeFoods, often referred to as WholePaycheck in my household, costs up to 2x as much as conventional […]

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Bungee jumping, cliff diving, jumping out of a plane… from space!? What are people thinking?

October 17, 2012

As the Little Engine that could chugged up the steep hill, he said to himself again and again, “I think I can.  I think I can.”  Simply change that statement to “I know I can. I know I can,” strap on a parachute, and the Little Engine could be happily soaring through the air, free-falling […]

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Fido’s Flu

October 10, 2012

This past week, my dog has taken a regimen of 4 pills, 2x/day with meals… for a cough.  Yes, he is the first of my household to fall victim to the seasonal sickness.  Now, I am not a veterinarian nor do I claim to be an expert in canine health, but the fact that my […]

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“Guiltless Gluttony”

October 3, 2012

This past weekend, as my last batch of pumpkin mini muffins was in the oven, I laughed reminiscing about a joke from one of my favorite comedians.  As Jim Gaffigan so aptly puts it, “How much denial are we in when we’re eating mini muffins?— ‘Oh I’ll just have like 1 or 12. They’re so […]

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Because it makes ya feel good.

September 26, 2012

I have to admit, I am one of those weirdos who openly enjoys exercising on a regular basis.  If I go a few days without hitting the track or gym I can’t help but feel a little bit off and when asked why I work out so often my reply is consistently, “because it makes […]

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