Welcome this season’s Mind The Science Gap Writers!

by Andrew Maynard on September 15, 2012

Mind The Science Gap kicks off its next season on September 24 with ten great new students.  Be sure to bookmark the blog, subscribe, tell your friends, family, colleagues, strangers in the street, everyone really, and prepared to read and comment on some of the most exciting and engaging public health science writing on the web!

You can read more about the latest ten participants below, who will each be publishing one post per week for ten weeks, starting September 24.  As these students depend on feedback from you their readers to improve their communication skills, I would strongly encourage you to dip in often and let our writers know what you think.

Whether you are an expert commenting on their content, or just want to let them know what you think of how they are doing – and how they might do it better – they will love to hear from you.  Our last bunch of students actually thought most comments were too polite and restrained – so please don’t hold back! (Just make sure you follow the commenting guidelines)

Thanks again for reading, commenting and spreading the word, and happy MTSG’ing!

Andrew Maynard


Hillary Craddock
I am a second year MPH student studying Epidemiology. My primary interests are zoonotic, emerging, and vector-borne infectious diseases, disaster preparedness and response, and public health practice. Outside of class, I work in research and volunteer with the Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST). Hillary will be posting each Thursday morning.

Ashley Cummings
I am a second-year MPH student in Health Behavior and Health Education, interested in childhood obesity and chronic disease prevention. I love circuit training and leading a healthy life. After running my first marathon this summer, I have solidified that I would like a career guiding others through the process of attaining their highest quality of life, and demonstrating that physical activity and eating nutritious foods can be fun. Ashley will be posting each Tuesday morning.

Sheela Doraiswamy
I am a first year Health Behavior and Health Education MPH student. Before coming to U Michigan, I worked at a physical therapy and wellness center. This previous experience has given me an interest in subjects such as health communications, exercise, obesity, and injury prevention, among numerous other health topics. In my spare time, I love to watch and review movies, as well as listen to The Beatles on an endless loop. Sheela will be posting each Monday afternoon.

Shara Evans
I am a second-year Epidemiology MPH Student here at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. When I graduate this April I also hope to have earned certificates in Risk Science and Human Health and Public Health Genetics. If i’m lucky, I will also be moving on to a Ph.D Program. Alternatively, I am also interested in possibly pursuing a career in Science Communications, but I haven’t made any decisions yet! My health interests in are primarily in the areas of Disaster Management and Epidemiology, Maternal and Fetal Medicine, and Genetics. When not studying (in those few rare moments), i spend far too much time reading, playing with my two dogs, reading up on politics, or playing the occasional video game. Shara will be posting each Thursday afternoon.

Michael Grisafe
I’m a first year MPH student in the Health Behavior and Health Education department. Prior to coming to graduate school, I worked as a freelance writer and researcher in California and New York. I’m interested in using multimedia and information technology to connect people with affordable health care services, preventative care resources, and quality health information. A Southern California native, I’m an avid reader, short story writer, and urban adventurer. Michael will be posting each Friday afternoon.

Gillian Mayman
In my first career, I was a medical librarian at Yale University and a public health librarian at the University of Michigan. In my second career, I am the Online Communications Coordinator at the Center for Managing Chronic Disease. In my free time, I’m an MPH student in Health Behavior and Health Education. Gillian will be posting each Monday morning.

Lindsay Miller
I am a first year MPH student in the department of Health Behavior and Health Education. I am particularly interested in health literacy, health communication, and health promotion, but I love learning about all things public health. In my spare time, I enjoy relaxing at the beach, dancing, and eating dark chocolate (for those antioxidants, of course)! Lindsay will be posting each Friday morning.

Ezinne Ndukwe
Hello! I’m a second year Health Behavior and Health Education student with a wide range of interests, but a particular focus in patient education and health disparities. I love reading, traveling, music, and watching endless crime drama marathons on TNT. Ezinne will be posting each Wednesday morning.

Alison Schumacher
I am a second year MPH student studying Health Behavior and Health Education. Although broadly focused in health communication, my specific health interests include obesity, chronic disease, and nutrition. I can’t get enough of any activity that gets my heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. My favorites include soccer, running, hiking, and field hockey. Don’t be fooled though, despite my obsession with anything active, I am just as content in the kitchen baking (and eating) cookies, pies, and sweets. Alison will be posting each Wednesday afternoon.

Kari Wolozyk
I am a first-year Health Behavior and Health Education MPH student, interested in food sustainability and food security. Specifically, I want to focus my efforts on the multi-level dilemmas of a food system to promote access and affordability to healthy and fresh foods. I am a ‘food connoisseur’, intrigued by all things food from policy to cooking, to consumption. I hope to one day publish a vegan cookbook using all my Frankenstein-like masterpieces; I am an ‘edgy veg’. Kari will be posting each Tuesday afternoon.

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